Hello and welcome to my first official blog post of 2018! Happy New Year

Something everyone does on the first day of the first month of the new year is createing resolutions. Everyone writes these resolutions down and within the first month the resolutions are broken. Normal resolutions are; Be more healthy, Go to the gym, Stop smoking, Travel. These resolutions are all good and well but lets be honest you rather be on the couch with a snickers bar watching pretty little liars. They often get forgotten and lost in the day to day life activities! I’m here to help!


A tip I have found is to write your resolutions but do not stop there. Break you resolution down and write out a timeline. To make your resolutions more achievable plan and organise how you are going to achieve them. Make goals not resolutions! Here are some examples:

Resolution: Be more Healthy
Goals to achieve this could be:

  • Research healthier options (Substitute white rice for cauliflower rice)
  • Write out a weekly meal plan
  • Prep your meals at the start of the week – (Long day at work? Prepping your meals before hand makes it easier to pop it into the oven, eat and relax)
  • Introduce a water intake timeline (eg. drink 1 liter by midday)

Resolution: Stop smoking*
Goals to achieve this could be:

  • Seek professional advise from your GP
  • Reduce amount of cigarettes per day
  • Aim to not purchase another packet
  • Leave your cigarette at home with your go to work

*I use to smoke, not a good habit I know. I quit cold turkey when I became pregnant. Quitting cold turkey can be a achieved but I personally felt not so good withdraws which included light headaches. If you have the right mind set you can quit cold turkey. Please seek advise from your GP first. I am not a professional in this matter this was just my experience, everyone is different.

Before I tell you my goals, I have chosen a word for 2018. And that word is ” FREEDOM”. Choosing a word for the year will help motivate you! Write in you diary for every first day of the month. So you remind yourself of your chosen word. Pull out a dictionary and find your word. Will is be “Passion”, “Courage”, “Happy”, “Reliable”, “Motivation”. Seriously! Let me know your word!


Here are my goals for 2018:Β 

  1. Be Debt Free: After organising my financials, writing out my expected income, writing out my debts, I’ve set out a spread set with dates and goals on fortnightly repayments. At the end of March 2018 I will have paid off majority of my loans and debts. (If you would like a copy of my template I use email me and I’ll send it over to you)
  2. Interact With My Kids More: I have set a priority hour once a day 12pm – 3pm I will spend with no phone, no television well no electronic devises and ask what my children would like to do and enjoy time with them, in addition to the other playing times with them.
  3. Use My Gym Membership: I’ve had a gym membership for ages now, paying $36 a fortnight and I still have free personal training sessions, I should have used by now. I think I’ve been to the gym 4 times in the last 6 months. At least once a week I will GO TO THE GYM! With a positive mind, I will achieve anything.

What are your goals for this year? 2018 is the year for change! You will achieve great things.

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