I feel more in my comfort zone writing reviews! I love writing reviews! So the first review I wanted to share with you lovely readers is the Morphe Limited Edition 25B Palette. I purchased this palette from “Luxe Look Cosmetics” last year and it has become my go to makeup daily palette I use! This Palette comes with 25 natural, nude and smokey brown shades.


“”An exotic and earthy mix of deep browns and spicy shades are the perfect complement to the fiery metallics and shimmering taupes of this palette. For a coppery glow or a sultry smolder, this palette turns up the heat!” – Luxe Look Cosmetics

This palette cost me $35 Australian Dollars

A change from Morphe’s orignial all solid black packaging with their logo in the middle, to a palette with a solid black pan and a clear see through lid, with their logo in the bottom right hand corner. I love the clear lid. This makes it easier to view the shades instead of opening every palette to search for a shade. These shades come in a pan palette and in seperate square pans.

The pigments are incredible. There’re 25 shades. There are 7 metallic/ shimmer shades and 18 matte shades. I find the matte shades easy to blend and work with then the metallic shades. The matte shades I found had a little fall out which I believe is normal. The metallic shades are a little harder to use with a makeup brush. I find using my fingers to apply those shade works better. None of the shades are powdery or chalky! Bonus! They are incredibly pigmented! Check out my swatches!



Performance and Wear
I believe these pigments are so wearable! I wear these shades daily. I can create many looks for the day and turn my eyes into sexy smokey eyes for the night! These pigments last all day. I did find the metallic shades did wear off just a little during the day.


Overall Thoughts
I’m in love! I really dislike that this palette was limited edition because I wanted to get my sister one for christmas but they were sold out everywhere! I really hope they bring it back as a permenant palette!


Did you have a chance to grab this palette? What were your thoughts? Share your comments below!

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