Mr. Tristyn is off to Kindy in less than 2 weeks! I’m so excited and nervous for him. Will he behave? Will he miss me? Will he cooperate with the teachers? Will he eat his lunch? So many questions. It all makes me anxious! My son loves food. I believe most days he eats more than me. Hard to believe but it’s true haha.

I wanted to share some of my favourite recipes that I have found online that I have made and perfect for my son to take to school for recess and lunch. Some of these recipes you can make in batches and freeze.

Something Savoury

Pizza Pockets – My Lovely Little Nest


Pizza Pocket

I love this pizza pocket recipe because there are minimal ingredients and you can change the contents of the pockets to chicken or ham or veges! It’s such a simple method as well for Tristyn to help make. Once baked I put some in the freezer and take then out once needed. If they are for lunch, I simply put them in the fridge and heat when needed. My 1 year old loves them as well. These are sugar free as well (depending of the sauce you use). **The feature photo to this post is my attempt of the yummy pizza pockets

Beef & Vegetable Sausage Rolls – The Organised House Wife


Sausage Rools use

I make these for dinner once a week and use the left over for lunches the next day. These can be made bite size or bigger for the adults. I love this recipe as it hides the vegetables in the filling. Tristyn doesn’t even know.


Ham & Cheese Zucchini Slice – Southern In Law 

Zucchini Slice

These are high protein, low fat and gluten free. This recipe has room for additional ingredients and swaps. These are also freezer friendly. These are fast to make and easy for the kids to get involved. I also love that the zucchini doesn’t over power all the other ingredients



Mini Chicken Kiev Bites – The Road To Loving My Thermo Mixer


These are so yummy! I make them  for myself as well for lunch. These do take some time to make but are totally worth it. There are many ways to cook these like in the fryer or for a health option you can bake them.

Something Sweet

Apricot & White Choc Oat Slices – Bake Play Smile

Oat Slice

Something sweet for the lunch box I have made and my son loves is the Apricot & White Choc Oat Slices. I cut these up into bite sizes instead of one medium slice. They are super easy to make and store.



Mixed Berry Cloud Jellies – Kidgredients 

Berry Jelly

These are a great health treat for the lunch box. These jellies do need to set in the fridge like all jellies but they are super easy to make and your kids will beg for then! I need to make 2 batches a week as my son and daughter love them!

Banana Bread – Retro Mummy

banana bread


This probably isn’t the healthiest banana bread I’ve tried but I love it and so does my son. It’s not too sweet but it’s nice to have a sweet treat in the lunch box. This recipe is freezer friendly as well.



And that’s just a few of my sons favourites. These recipes are not mine. I’ve shared links to the appropriate authors for you to navigate to their page. I would love some more recipes to try! What are your kids favourite recipes? Share below!

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