Welcome back to my blog, I wanted to share a segment on my blog about my personal life. And today I would like to share how my partner and I met.

My partner and I met in 2010 in high school, in after school dance to be specific. I remember the teacher pairing the girls with the guys for a black eye peas song and that’s where my crush started. I was about to be paired up with him but asked the teacher to be paired with someone else and she did. (The dance didn’t last and was never finished). In that dance studio, that’s where we first spoke words and we got along quite well.



Flash forward a couple weeks, I sent a text to him, you know, how are you etc etc etc. with our conversation ending in “Would you like to come out to have a few drink” and me responding “yes”. Yes we were in high school not even 16 yet! Bad children! Haha. That night we hung out with friends and had a few drinks and the night ended. 2 days later we met back at our friends house and again had a few drinks and chilled. By the end of that night we started dating.


He stopped going to school for his own reasons but as I stayed in school (2 years younger) he use to wake up and walk me to school, be waiting for me when I finished to walk me back home and enjoy lunch with me when I was working on the weekends. We went through hell and back for the next couple of years. We, well, I lost all parental support, and as only a teenager once you lose that support, why bother with education why bother working, chilling with my friends was way more important. For about a year it was a blur full of being alone, broke, homeless. But something changed and my partner and I got full time jobs and we started living in shared accommodation paying rent and started to understand how to be an adult. Then I fell pregnant with our son Tristyn, who was born 13/8/13 when I was 17. We got our shit together quick snap. We started renting an apartment and we were working for a better future.


From an apartment we move to a small unit from a small unit we move into a government house. That government house helped us so much. Financially. Weird as it is I actually gave birth to my daughter in that house. My partner/ her father hand delivered her with no assistance. I didn’t know who was more freaked out? Me who was giving birth with no medicine or medical help or my partner who was involved with everything and in complete charge of safety of his daughters arrival. She was born 30/11/2016. It was an incredible moment we shared in our life together. It’s not every day you have an unplanned birth at home.


We are now in our own private rental in the suburbs living our life. My partner has a full-time job and is the most amazing supporter. I also have an announcement to make but I’ll save that for the next “My Life” blog post. If your from Instagram shhh don’t say anything. Thank you for visiting my blog!

Do you have a life partner or friend you have been with through thick and thin? Share me your story!

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