Starting every morning the same, getting the kids out of bed, breakfast, on goes the cartoons and I sat down to my semi warm coffee and scroll through Instagram and my other social media platforms, and I stubbled across a few bloggers I follow posts. They have the most gorgeous kids and they were writing their name. I thought “Hey, Mr. Tristyn should be writing his name by now” But I knew he couldn’t.

There was a tagged Instagrammer, So I checked out their page and it was ‘Get Ready For School Australia‘. Curious, like always, I did some more digging. “What is this page for? Who are they? Can they help my son?” And O-M-G if your child is starting school soon you have to check them out and this is why.



At Get Ready For School Australia, we take the guesswork out of school-readiness. Our at- home program aligns to the Australian Curriculum. We have unpacked the Foundation Curriculum used in Kindy/Prep/Foundation year and we have created easy, low-cost activities that support parents with children ages 3 and up.

Our ‘how-to’ books are written and worded for Australian parents to easily understand, use and reflect on their child’s learning. Our printable materials use Australian School Fonts and are re-printable.


Get Ready For School Australia have created handbooks and activity booklets for parents of children ages 3+ to provide the help they need to be ready for school. They even create personalised name writing cards in your states appropiate font. Something I didn’t know before. I thought all states fonts were the same.

They have different kits/ packages to chose from – Starter Kit, Complete Kit or Ultimate Kit – as well as selling personalised name writing packs.


I personally purchased a complete school readiness kit for my son. In the complete kit, we received:
1 x A laminated personalised name writing set
1 x A laminated
1 x How to get ready for English Book
1 x How to get ready for Science Book
1 x How to get ready for Maths Book
1 x Letters and Sounds Activity Workbook
1 x Numeral Formation Activity Workbook
1 x Laminated Rewards Chart
90 x Star Stickers
1 x Safety Kids Marker
All packed inside a plastic hard case for storage and transport.


Everyday since we received the complete kit in the mail, Tristyn writes his name every morning and we complete an activity together. Theia is starting to get to the age where she is starting to participate in the activities – Help 2 kids at once SCORE. Tristyn is almost 3 months in and I will admit he is having a ball and learning so much. The complete kit cost me $189.95 AUD and they do have Afterpay as well (Don’t know where I’d be without Afterpay sometimes haha).

The get ready for English, Science and Math Handbook contain a bulk load of activities to help the kids learn and its perfect for new ideas of how to interact with the kids. They won’t get bored.

I must say as well this isn’t a sponsored post. I am not affiliated with the company. I am simply sharing a fabulous company that I found. Give them a follow on Instagram as they share even more great things on their Instastories like pencil grip and short webinars to assist you!

Is your Child School Ready? How did you help prepare you child for school?

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