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For the past week, I have tried the 7 day cleansing challenge from dermaenergy. During the 7 days, I have used 2 products from their range, the ‘Clean With Envy‘ cleanser and the ‘A Mean Clean‘ cleanser. Dermaenergy is cruelty free and all ingredients are paraben free. What I enjoy about this brand is that it is Australian owed and made.

Dermaenergy believes most of us aren’t cleaning our skin properly. Dermaenergy does not believe in scrubbing the skin. Dermaenergy does not believe in eye creams.

~ Dermaenergy Philosophy

*This product was gifted to me to give my honest opinion. In no way has the company influenced me to change my 100% honest opinion (Disclaimer)

During the 7 day period, I used the “Clean With Envy” cleanser in the morning and the “A Mean Clean” at night. Whats the difference between the 2? Clean With Envy is enriched with ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) and an amazing scent of tangerine essential oils (100% pure) which is suitable for all skin type that gives energy to the skin. Clean with Envy can be used to remove dirt, grease and excess oils as well as removing makeup. This cleanser is $44 AUD and can be purchased on there website. A Mean Clean cleanser give a strong deep clean  for nonsensitive skin types. Its perfect for acne-prone and oily skin types. This cleanser contains both ATP and the amazing 100% pure tangerine essential oil as well as Glycolic Acid 3% and Lactic Acid 6% which both help dissolve the glue that holds dead skin cells to the surface. The cleanser is also $44 AUD and can be purchased on the Dermaenergy website.


Both cleansers come in a plastic 200 ml squeeze type bottle. The packaging in shower friendly so I keep them both in the shower so I don’t forget to use them.

Both cleansers come in a liquid form. I found that the A Mean Clean cleanser is a little thicker in texture then the Clean With Envy cleanser. They both foam up nicely on the face. There is a recommended silicone brush to use with these cleansers called the DermaBrush. It is so soft and gentle on the skin. The soft bristles help add air to the cleanser and foam it up really nicely. The DermaBrush is $10 AUD and comes in black and white. I have the black one


My skin type is a combination of dry and oily. I have an oily t-zone and sometimes my cheek get a little dry. I also wear high coverage makeup everyday. I applied about a pee size amount of cleanser onto my DermaBrush and in circular motion lightly rubbed my face. I felt no need to scrub my face. Since using the cleansers I haven’t had any breakouts and little too no redness after use. When I wash my face, my skin feels energised and refreshes. The A Mean Clean cleanser, I felt, gave a really deep clean. My makeup normal slides off my nose by the end of the day due to the excess oil but for the past 7 day, my makeup has sat nicely on my face.

Overall Thoughts
The amount of product you get can last you a few months. This cleanser are definitely worth their money. My partner is even using the A Mean Clean cleanser and he said he is really enjoying the deep clean feel. My skin also feels more hydrated. Results showed very fast and I believe can help prevent a lot of skin damage.

Have you tried this skincare brand before? Check them out!

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