Every now and again, I hit a wall on what to have for dinner. I’m so busy with the kids errands and my own appointments, I find it hard to get to the shops and even when I get to the shops, the kids don’t listen, all they want is treats and when I say no, well you can just picture the results.

I had been following Dinner Twist on Instagram for ages and thought I’d email them and they offered to send me their Express Box to try. I was absolutely stoked to try Dinner Twist out. Dinner Twist is a local WA family owned and operated company who source all their produce from WA farmers. Dinner Twist provides locals easy meal planning. They choose out recipes from their collection, pick out the fresh ingredients and deliver the ingredients and recipe cards straight to your door. They send you an email prior to delivery with what stables you might need. For Example; salt, pepper, oil. No running to the shops for forgotten ingredients on the night and no stressing on what to have for dinner.IMG_8066
On the recipe cards, it lists the ingredients you were provided for the meal, the method of how to prepare the dish and notes/ tips to improve the dish if you wanted.

Dinner Twist allows you to customise your order. If you don’t want a certain meat, let’s say fish, you just click no fish. If you are extra hungry you can upgrade your portions and even order extra vegetables and fruit boxes to your order.

So I received the Express box which contained 3 meals; Pineapple Chicken Curry, Prosciutto Pasta and Steak with Roasted Sweet Potato. I was pretty stocked to receive these recipes because everyone in the house I know would eat them. I was amazed at how fresh, bright and vibrant the produce were. My partner and I sorted out the ingredients into their recipes and noticed that everything was going to used. By this I mean, One recipe had 1/2 a red capsicums and another had 1/2 red capsicum and I only got 1 red capsicum which is fantastic. They have organised the meal plan to reduce waste.

Night One
We cooked Pineapple Chicken Curry. My partner and I cooked together and followed the recipe. The chicken was pre cut into strips and locally sourced from Mt Barker, WA. It was a coconut curry and my son absolutely loved coconut curries. I’ve never put pineapple into a curry before so that was something new I tried and I actually really enjoyed it.

Night Two
We cooked Prosciutto Pasta. I’m addicted to pasta. I could have it every night of the week and never get sick of it. The prosciutto was locally sourced from Mondo Doro and tasted like perfection. Again, my partner cooked with me and we followed the detailed recipe but somehow we accident forgot to put in mushrooms but my goodness was this filling. To hide the green zucchini, instead of chopping it up, we made zucchini strings and they blended in so well, the kids didn’t even notice


Night Three
We cooked Beef Steak and Roasted Sweet Potatoes. I think this was my partners favourite. He loves his red meats. My partner took charge of the meat while I prepared the sweet potatoes and cucumber salad. I have never tried a cucumber salad. This one had peanuts and bean shoots, not things I’d put in a salad. BUT. I would so make that salad again for a BBQ. It was so fresh and light on my stomach. The meat was locally sourced from Ryan’s Quality Meats here in WA. The meat was so juicy and tender and tasted really fresh. Everyone’s plates were cleared that night.


Overall here are my final thoughts

Quality: 5/5
Every item that I received to cook with was vibrant and really fresh. Fresher then Coles or Woolworths. Nothing was bruised or old.

Convenience: 5/5
We weren’t home during delivery so the driver left the boxes in the shade and in a safe place. The boxes had ice inside so it kept the produce nice and fresh. Jumping online and ordering recipes is so quick and extremely convenient especially if you have kids or a busy schedule. The meals are so quick to make as well. I only spent max 20 minutes prepping and cooking each night.

Pricing: 4/5
Some boxes look scary to purchase with the pricing being so high at a quick glance. But, If you look closely and work out how many people the box feeds and for the amount of nights, the boxes are justified. I personally would pay more for locally sourced produce then cheaper options from overseas and a bonus is you feel good that you are support you local farmers.

The Express Box is only $85AUD for first time subscribers. That is a savings of $34AUD. That’s less the $10 per serve. There are many boxes to chose from like a Family Box, Wholesome Box plus more.

I’ll be purchasing from them very soon as I loved the meals. Have you tried Dinner Twist before?

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