A few years ago I found an amazing company to help my son (at the time 4 years old) with his significant speech and language delay. I actually wrote a blog post about them 2 years ago here. That company was “Get Ready For School Australia“. It is a company that provides play base learning materials to help support your child/ren and get them ready for their first years in preschool. All their products align with the Australian Curriculum to give your child/ren the best head start. My son had already started Kindy when I found this company and I wish I found them sooner. My experience with this company has been all positive and here is why – I’ll need to paint you a picture, so here is the back story –

Tristyn had just started Kindy and we walked into a room full of children talking full sentences and they all knew their ABC’s, 123′, shapes and colours. This was a bit of a shock to us because Tristyn didn’t talk full sentences yet and he didn’t know his ABC’s and 123’s. After multiple discussions with his teacher, we got onto the waiting list to see a public speech therapist and occupational therapist. While we waited a few months, this is when I stumbled across Get Ready For School Australia and all the materials they provide in their kits. The kit I purchased was the Complete School Readiness Collection which contained a variety of write and wipe name cards/number cards, exercise books and parent “how to” handbooks. We started with Tristyn learning to write him name, then onto learning his ABC’s, sounding out each letter and identifying lower case and upper case letters. We used the “how to” parent handbooks multiple times a week on his days off from school. Within the first 2 months, he was able to identify a wide variety of shapes, colours, letters and numbers (In sequence and out of sequence – Activity 8 Math Handbook). 2 years on and Tristyn continues to use the activity books and actively participates in our fun learning at home activities.

The complete kit has so many different types of fun learning activities to do at home and they aren’t boring sit down activities, they are physical, learning through play activities. My daughter at the time was 1 and is now 3 and we have just gotten her, her own personalized name cards and activity books and she is eager to learn. We have worked with multiple professions such as speech therapist, teachers, pediatricians and occupational therapists to help with Tristyn’s speech and language delay and I’m so glad I’m able to support his learning at home. It has been 2 years since I started using materials from Get Ready For School Australia and I will continue to use them with each child I have. I could not recommended them more.

*Disclaimer – I personally purchased Tristyn’s complete school readiness kit 2 years ago. I was kindly gifted Theia’s complete school readiness kit.


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