My skin has definetly missed the sun. My body has become extremely dull and extremly pale. You’d think my skin hasn’t seen sunlight before. HAHA. I personally don’t really enjoy going to get spray tans as I do feel uncomfortable and haven’t really found a self tanner that I 110% love and that suited my skin until I discovered Sahara Soul. Sahara Soul is run by Chloe Sahara, a young entrepreneur from Perth, Western Australia. The idea of selling vegan, crueltyfree and paraben free products came to her in 2016 when she was only 15 years old. Over coming some tragic and unplesant events in the following years, shes powered through and channeled her emotions into motivating her to complete her vision. And that is how Sahara Soul was born.


Sahara Soul roughly launched 6 months ago, selling a chocolate base self tanner, body oil, a luxe application mitt and an activating exfoliating mitt. I’ve had the pleasure in trying out the activating exfoliating mitt , the chocolate base foam tanner and the luxe application mitt.


Before application, 24 hours before, I made sure I exfoliated my skin including legs, arms, chest and back with the exfoliating mitt. The mitt is a little rough but not harsh. My skin felt so soft afterwards.

I had a quick shower before application to make sure my skin was nice and clean.* Starting with 2 pumps of Sahara Soul Chocolate Base Tanner on the application mitt, I start from my leg and worked my way up my body , using circular motions and adding more when I need. My partner had to apply the tanner to my back as I have short arms. The application mitt was nice and gentle on my skin.

Before Sahara Soul Tan

The product comes out in foam form, which is super easy to work with and easy to blend out with. It’s light weight so it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin and it dries after a few minutes. Streak-free and no tackyness! Bonus! There was little too no scent at all  to the tan.

I allowed my tan to develop over 4 hours before I washed it off in the shower. You can leave it on longer for a darker tan or leave it on for a shorter time for a lighter look. After the first day, I checked the sheets and clothes I wore to see if the tan had transferred and stained. I was shocked to see there was nothing. No transfer what so ever! Again BONUS!

After Applying Sahara Soul Tan

It’s now been about a week and my tan is still going strong. I’ll probably reapply after 2-3 weeks. I can’t remember how many pumps I used to cover my whole body, but there is a enough left in the bottle for at least 2 more tans.

*Make sure your skin is clean and dry before application and try to re-frame from applying makeup, deodorant and perfume onto the skin.

Overall, This is my new go to self tanner, I feel so confident wearing this tan. I 110% recommend this tanner to all my followers and friends. Chloe is a true young entrepeneur and I believe her products and story will inspire those who want to start a business to start one because it doesn’t matter how old you are, if you have a vision, you can bring that vision to life.

Have you tried this self tan before?

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