Routines are important. Important for yourself, your kids, your partner and friends. A routine is planning and organising your day to day life. There are so many routines you can have. For example: A morning routine – Wake Up, shower, brush teeth, get dressed, apply skincare, brush hair, have breakfast, pack bag and leave. OR a cleaning routine – Wash dishes, wash down benches, throw out rubbish, vacuum then mop OR a gym routine – Cardio on Monday, leg day Tuesday, Wednesday yoga and so on. A routine to created by yourself. Routines make everything easier.

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Tips to create a routine

  1. Β Know your goals – These can be objectives you need to achieve during the day (clean oven, complete house work, purchase school supplies, mow the lawn, visit parents etc)
  2. Create a task list – Task list help remind you of what needs to be done for the day. Task list should be written the day before
  3. Schedule/Timeline – Organise and prioritise your task to fit in you day. Your not going to wash your work clothes you need for tomorrow at 10 pm at night. Also leave time for lead way. Don’t pack 20 different things in 1 hour
  4. Stick to your routine – Especially when their are kids involved. I find having a bedtime routine for my kids, my kids go straight to sleep after a bath. If they don’t have a bath before bed, they are moody and less likely to enjoy a good night sleep.
  5. Readjust – If you find your routine isn’t working for your schedule, change it.
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I personally have a routine for almost everything. A quick day routine for myself looks like this:


  • Prepare kids for the day (dress, brush teeth and breakfast)
  • Organise myself for the day (shower, dress, makeup, brush teeth)
  • Wash dishes
  • Head to the shops to get lunch


  • Prepare lunch
  • Clean up lunch
  • Vacuum main house areas
  • Tidy Room
  • Play with the kids


  • Blog a little
  • Catch Up on social media
  • Play with the kids


  • Prepare and cook dinner
  • Bath kids
  • Put kids to bed
  • Clean Up dinner
  • Sit down and watch Vampire Diaries with my partner

Other routines to have can include; Skincare routine, a makeup routine, a meal routine, a work routine, fitness routine, blogging routine.

There are so many you can have! What routines do you have? I would love to know!

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